Book Review: The Exorcist


I had wanted this book for ages. I saw the film when I was about 15. Although I was freaked out, I wasn’t particularly scared. So holding on to the hopes that the book will be so much scarier, I finally got it this week.

I think everyone knows what the exorcist is about. A quick summary won’t hurt though. A girl is possessed by a demon and two priests help to exorcize it from her.

Now, this book didn’t scare me at all. It was hard but easy to read. Usual if I enjoy a book, it’s finished within a day or two. This one took me a week which is a long time for me. Although it wasn’t scary as such, a real sinister gloom hung around me as I was reading it. It was almost as if I was in the house watching the events. That’s how vivid it was in my mind. Blatty is a genius at creating a scene. He really makes it easy for you to get into the story. There was also a new sequence added as the book has been recently revised. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t remember the film well but I didn’t recognise a new sequence.

All in all it was a good book. It held my interest and created a great atmosphere. I’d give this book a 5/10. It didn’t scare me like the cover promised. It was strong in how it was written and the characters were easy to love. The only downside being lack of scares and the ending feeling slightly rushed. I would recommend it though!


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